History has a habit of repeating itself ||Jack & Merida


Jack and Merida

So Glory has gone from tumblr and we never managed to finish our heart breaking thread, so here is a drabble I wrote to fill the gaps. I’m sorry it’s so bad! It is my first proper drabble. It’s actually meant to be sad… If you want to read the thread then here’s the link.

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This is truly beautiful, all the heart and love between them. Thank you for writing it my dear, thank you so much. <3

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I have a headcannon that Merida would promptly push Jack off the edge after this

dA: http://dewdrop34.deviantart.com/art/Waterfall-358808904?ga_submit_new=10%253A1362955227

Saw this somewhere on Tumblr and had to reblog it here for Merida, because this is how we first met. T.T

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OOC announcement

Hey all, I just want to say one thing. I’m sorry about leaving so long. One day I just snapped and I realized I’d spent too long on Tumblr, doing things for fun and not for my purpose. One day I woke up and I felt different…

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The child laughed as her already messy--and sticky--hair was ruffled. At least he was alright; a melted Popsicle was the worst, after all. Getting the vibe that his mood was beginning to lift, she allowed her playful personality to show. "Free, huh? You didn't try goin' Turbo, did you?" She rose a dark brow and gently nudged her head with his in return.

"Me? Turbo? Nah…." He laughed, squinting up at her. "I just needed some time to think alone, that’s all. A guy goes through a lot, especially me." He bent over and hummed an bass airplane sound as he sprinted deftly forward, bobbing up and down. He giggled. "That’s what you get riding first class!"

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The little racer blinks before readjusting herself to drape over the boy's shoulder. There were no snarky comments from her though, only a concerned pout. "I've been pretty good, Popcicle. What happened?"

Jack smirked at her, scruffed up her hair with his hand. “Nothing I haven’t done before. Kept me longer away, though. Guess I needed a break from things and be free.” He rubbed his head against her. “Everyone needs some time to let go of everything. And I’ve had a good time.”

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I missed you! there was a cat in my room a few nights ago and it wasn't mine and it was cute and her owners letting me catsit and I have been trying to talk to you for days and youve been gone and im helping my mom and im worried when i come back youll be gone for another week and i wont get to talk to you and everyones happy youre back and my dash has been boring without you and youre back but i know youll leave cause everyone leaves and theres nothing i can do about it will you be back?

Well I can respond to this one here. :) So we have talked! I did send a message to you, I hope you got it. I’m sure there are lots more people interesting on your dash. Check out those Crush lists. There are some awesome rpers to follow around here!

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"Jack!" The racer leaps up, landing and clinging onto the spirit's back with a grin. She'd missed messin' with him.

"Eheh! You cutie pie. I’m sorry for being away. I hope you’ve been good. Because I haven’t…."

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Nice to see you're back! :) Thanks for the snow the last few days! I loved it!


Awesome! See, I’ve been busy. ;)

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((You're back!!! And it snowed on my dad's birthday, just like you promised!! :D))

Yeah, well… we’ll see. I’ve still been alive outside this account, you know.

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You're back!!!!! This is the greatest day!

Don’t count on it for long, but thanks for being enthusiastic!